As you may have heard at the AGM and last month’s meeting, the club is looking to bring a new feature to our show in 2019, in the form of a display of complimentary models, near to the Bolton stand, but separate from the club display itself. This idea is the brainchild of former club Secretary Malcolm Hill. Malcolm will be co-ordinating the display on behalf of the club.

For the first attempt at this, the subject will be Aircraft related, but if the idea works, then there’s no reason why different genres can’t be accommodated in future.

The display for 2019 will be called ‘crowd line’ and will show case 1/32nd scale aircraft, simply presented to reflect a typical air show flight line. It is not about the latest kits or individuals work, but about creating a professional look and feel to a table without having to restrict ourselves to a single ongoing theme, or form a breakaway significant interest group.

The table is open to all paid up club members, who are prepared to get involved, commit models and support the following conditions:
• 1/32nd scale aircraft
• Presented on their undercarriage and not built into a diorama or posed in flight 
• Models must be completed
• They must be presented to a high standard – not dusty or damaged
• There must be a build story
• Last date for entry August meeting
• Last date for labels and build stories November meeting

Depending on how much interest we get, there may be a number of variables on how we manage the table, but I would like to work the following principals: 
• To start with, members can offer as many models as they like 
• Depending on the level of interest and models on offer will determine how we organise the table
• If we have more models than space, we will change the display during the day (perhaps AM & PM)

If we do end up with more models than we can cope with (even with the ability to change the display during the day) the following considerations will apply:
• How they work as part of a collective
• Finish & standard
The table will not become an overflow for our main Bolton stand.

If you are a Bolton IPMS Member and are interested in taking part in this display, then please have a word with Malcolm at the July or August Meeting.

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